$AIZ Token Utility

Comprehensive breakdown of the AIZ token utility.

The native and cryptographically-secure, protocol utility token of the Aizzy.ai Ecosystem is the transferrable representation of attributed value within the ecosystem (ticker - $AIZ).

Built on BASE

Base is built to be the onchain home for Coinbase products, users, and assets, as well as an open ecosystem where anyone can build for them, and easily reach the user base of Coinbase. We believe that AI will revolutionize how people create, build and work, and that the future of AI should be open and globally accessible. Coinbase is bringing the early majority to the world of Web3, and by building on Base we believe we are positioned to reach this majority and bring them to a fair and open world of AI.

The Utility of $AIZ

The $AIZ token represents the transferrable, fair value exchange within the Aizzy.ai ecosystem. Holders of AIZ get access to several unique benefits within the ecosystem:

AI Users + Community

  • Access Discounted usage on the Aizzy.ai platform. The usage of Aizzy.ai agents and AI models will always be cheaper when purchased using the AIZ token.

  • Exclusive benefits, early access to new and premium AI Models and AI Agents will only be available to holders and users of the AIZ token.

  • Stake AIZ for participation in Agent and Model validation, earning rewards from the Staking Rewards Pool.

  • Participate in Governance decisions, including new AI model approvals and validation, usage and allocation of the community Treasury, development roadmap, and updates to the protocol and Operations Treasury settings and allocations.


  • List Agents on the Aizzy.ai ecosystem using AIZ, and earn revenue when your agents are utilized by our community. Builders will pay all listing fees in AIZ, and earn all protocol revenue in AIZ.

  • Access advanced models and API features for your Agents using the AIZ token.

AI Model Operators

  • List your Models on the Aizzy.ai Ecosystem and earn revenue from their usage by popular AI Agents on the Protocol. Operators will pay all listing fees in AIZ, and earn all revenue in AIZ.

  • Access unique training data sets provided by the community, or train your models on real human users within the platform.

The $AIZ utility token represents the transfer of fair value in the Aizzy.ai ecosystem, rewarding participants and providers of value to our community as they revolutionize their creative endeavors, businesses and study.

For more details on how AIZ powers the exchange of fair value in the Aizzy.ai ecosystem see $AIZ Ecosystem.

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