$AIZ Token Supply

A comprehensive breakdown of the AIZ token supply, emissions and distribution.

Fixed Total Supply: 1,000,000,000

The Supply of AIZ is fixed. Once the total Supply of 1,000,000,000 AIZ tokens have been minted, no more tokens will be introduced to the supply.

AIZ Token Supply Allocation

72% of total Supply is allocated to the community, ensuring a truly decentralized and fair AI Ecosystem.

Categories and Descriptions

The Categories of Token Allocation are described below. For a full breakdown of allocation, distribution and emissions schedule see the google sheet below:

Allocation and Emissions Google Sheet:


Public Sale

The public sale represents the initial launch of the AIZ Utility Token to the public. The sale will be conducted in stages as per below. Once sufficient token has been sold, the liquidity pool will be launched on both DEX and CEX.

Public Sale Total Supply = 10% (100 million AIZ)

Vesting = The Public Sale tokens will be vested over 3 months form TGE, with 2.5% (25mm) available immediately, followed by 2.5% vesting each month for 3 months.

*this is the intention of the protocol, the team reserves the right to change based on market or other conditions.

Initial Liquidity Pool

These tokens will be used to fund the initial liquidity pool to allow for the trading of AIZ on well known AMMs. The ILP allocation will be available immediately from vesting to allow for deep markets immediately.

Initial Liquidity Pool = 2% (20 million AIZ)

Vesting = Immediately Available at TGE

Rewards Pool

The Rewards Pool represents the protocols emissions as part of ongoing user incentives, driving growth and usage amongst the users of aizzy.ai ecosystem, it's agents and AI Models. This will ensure that the community is incentivized for usage of the platform, and ensure early users are rewarded as a vital part of our community.

The rewards pool will fund customer engagement through programs such as cashback rewards, competitions and community engagement.

Rewards Pool = 5% (50 million AIZ)

Vesting = Linear over 4 years (48 Months)

Operations Treasury

The operations treasury is an innovative treasury, that allows for the distribution of AIZ tokens collected by the platform from users of AI Agents to the participants providing value to the ecosystem. Every Epoch it distributes the AIZ revenue to Agent Builders, Model Operators, Ecosystem Partners and the Platform prorated to their use by the community over the previous epoch.

The Operations Treasury will be constantly re-filled from users of the platform purchasing value and AI Agent use. The initial Supply form the allocation provides added incentive for early providers of utility to the platform.

For more details on how the Operations Treasury operate see:

$AIZ Ecosystem

Operations Treasury = 5% (50 million AIZ)

Vesting = 1 year linearly from launch of Builder Marketplace (12 months)

Operator Rewards Pool

The Operator Rewards Pool rewards Model Operators for providing AI Models for use by the Agent Builders. We consider Model Operators as utility providers to the platform, as opposed to products purchased by our users. As such the Operator Rewards Treasury incentivizes these participants with steady revenue over the long term. The Operator Rewards Treasury will be topped up from the Operations Treasury but to a lesser degree than the Builders Reward Pool.

For more details on how the Operator Rewards Pool operates in the larger ecosystem see:

$AIZ Ecosystem

Operator Rewards Pool = 5% (50 million AIZ)

Vesting = 4.5 year linear from launch of Builder Marketplace (54 months)

Growth + Marketing

Tokens have been allocated to the growth of the platform, providing the protocol with a fund to use to incentivize growth, partnerships and build out the ecosystem beyond the intial platform. The community will have the chance to participate in the decision making for the allocation of these tokens.

Growth + Marketing = 10% (100 million)

Vesting = 2.5% (25 million) immediately, 7.5% linearly over 4 years

Community Treasury

The Community Treasury represents the future funding and investment in the community and protocol separate to those allocations already provided for. The community will have the opportunity to participate in the decisions for how the Community Treasury is allocated and distributed.

The Protocol Treasury functions as a strategic reserve to be deployed across a variety of uses, including but not limited to:

  • Operational Costs

  • Opportunistic Fundraising

  • Ongoing Costs

  • Partnership opportunities

  • Reward Pool Allocations

Community Treasury = 25% (250 million AIZ)

Vesting = Linear over 5 years (60 months)

Staking Rewards Pool

The Staking Rewards Pool funds the staking rewards to the community who stake the AIZ token to secure the network, validate models and agent listings and any other validation requirements of the Protocol or Ecosystem.

The Staking rewards are released at the end of each epoch based on the staking of tokens during the prior epoch.

For more details on Staking Rewards Pool, including expected APYs, see:

$AIZ Ecosystem

Staking Rewards Pool = 10% (100 million AIZ)

Vesting = Linearly over 4.5 years from launch of staking protocol (54 months)

Investors and Advisors

This allocation represents the tokens held aside for early investors in the Aizzy.ai Ecosystem, as well as advisors that may be brought on to assist in the growth and development of the Protocol. All funds raised from these token sales will be invested in the development of the protocol and ecosystem.

Investors and Advisors = 10% (100 million AIZ)

Vesting = Linear over 2 years from investment (24 months)

Founding Team

The Founding Team allocation represents the core Aizzy.ai team's holding's of AIZ, incentivizing them to maintain, develop and grow the Aizzy.ai ecosystem.

Founding Team = 18% (180 million AIZ)

Vesting = Linear over 2 years (24 months)

Emissions Schedule

The AIZ Token will distribute 100% of the AIZ Supply over 5 years, the fullschedule can be seen in the Google Sheet below, with a representative graph also provided:


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